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For those who never played role-playing games before, I should explain that this activity can be compared to reading a work of fiction, a novel or an epic in which the main characters are under the control of the game players. They decide what to do and what to say. The further development of plot depends on them. People often ask me, “what is the goal of the game”? The goal for player is to “read the book”, find out what happens next, and uncover the narrative along with the other players. Sometimes it may even become cooperative story telling. The goal for a character depends on the character you play and surrounding world. It might also be that your character does not have any specific goal and the player must decide what their character wants to achieve. Many players dive into power-building assuming that only those who wield enough power may change the world on a larger scale (in-game). For example, your character might want to go on a trip, stop an evil villain or become one instead, or save or surrender a city. However, keep in mind that the game is full of dangers and some characters may perish in the process, this is normal practice.

"Side By Side" is a hardcore roleplaying game that is well suited for both online format (via Discord & Roll20) and IRL tabletop format. The SbS system was developed for the last 11 years and still, is a subject of constant improvements and updates. It was simultaneously tested all that time in huge (35 players) international campaign that reminds MMORPG, where SbS author acts as Game Master. The total duration of Side by Side games played: 10k+ hours.

Game Depth

  • 114 feats that can make special style of a character;
  • 32 professions, including constable, tamer and sailor. Each profession benefits from two attributes and unlocks special professional feats;
  • Fully described crafting system that combined within-game economy and pricing. Characters may craft their own weapons, magic items, and even construct buildings;
  • Weapons in the game are divided into 13 groups. How well the character fights with weapons from a particular group depends on the character’s combat skill. 70 weapons total;
  • 14 schools of magic, each contain 20+ spells and several passive perks. Players can invent their own spells during the game in agreement with the GM;

Unique design

  • Focus on individual, not the group. When you meet another playable character in the game, you shouldn’t be too happy. They may pursue completely different goals and even secretly be your enemy. Uniting into strong parties is a rarity and a luxury; for this you will have to try hard.;
  • Permadeath. Losing character means the end of the campaign for the player. It makes participants much more careful and thoughtful, considering consequences;
  • SbS does not intersect with any particular game world, it is universal for any fantasy/medieval game setting. GM`s are encouraged to create their own game world`;
  • Character`s mental condition matters. Unique morale system that considers one`s spirit/mood and affects unusual actions. Personal failures lower one`s morale while tasty food or inspiration of a bard might cheer you up;
  • Nothing comes by itself. Character progression is closely linked to attempts of doing something new in the game. It may sound strange, but a character will never learn how to make a fireball until one day he makes it for the first time. This is the philosophy of SbS.;
  • Each character has separate health points in each body part (head, torso, legs, arms) adding various options in combat. For example, character with low amount of health in their leg will limp (decreased movement speed);
  • Watch the time. All in-game actions are measured in seconds. Faster actions happen earlier than long ones. Quickness helps character to speed up actions;
  • Player requests are carried out reciprocal, so individual requests cannot be executed independently. The game world does not “freeze” when it is your turn (in simplified SbS rules - it does);
  • Simple spellcasting resource - mana. No need to prepare spells and bother about spell slots. All spells may have critical effect;
  • 11 character attributes that allow players to make their unique character build. You don`t have to wait for Level-Up to improve your attributes. Spend experience as soon as you earn it;

What is Side by Side?

Side by Side is a tabletop roleplaying game that is made in Latvia. The game is based on imagination of players and Game Master. SbS Core Rulebook allows to launch exciting campaign and dive into the adventures you will never forget.

What do I need to play Side by Side?

To play Side by Side, you will need a Side by Side: Core Rulebook, a set of dices, and a group of players. You can also use miniatures, character sheets, and other accessories to enhance your gameplay experience. However, the most important is setting and scenario that would be used for the game. I highly recommend GM`s creating their own setting and plot. This will make you feel like the creator of the whole world.

How many players can play Side by Side?

Side by Side can be played with any number of players, although it is recommended to have at least three players for the best experience. The game can be adapted to accommodate larger or smaller groups of players.

How long typical SbS session lasts?

The length of SbS game can vary depending on the players and the story being told. On average, a game session can last between 2-5 hours. There might be exceptions.

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